Why Do We Need to Replenish Our Bacteria?

The principal reason is due to the erosion of our natural bacteria. But how can that happen? Most of us are dependent on too hectic a lifestyle – this may wreak havoc on our nervous systems and affects the delicate balance in out stomach and intestines.


What is Threelac?

I’ve heard that Threelac is the new kid on the block, what is it? ThreeLac is a preparation that contains three forms of spore-forming lactic acid bacteria. These microorganisms work to help your gastrointestinal tract. Threelac is noted for the way it may help repopulate the intestines with friendly bacteria! Threelac is compatible to our bodies for persons in good health.


What are the ingredients in Threelac?

I would like to know all the ingredients in Threelac. Bacilus Coagulans (200 million CFU) Bacilus subtillus (25 million CFU) Enterococcus Faecalis (25 million CFU) Lemon juice powder Refined yeast powder Fiber

WARNING! Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if the package is damaged or torn.


What about pets and yeast ?

There are studies concerning animals and probiotics and trials have been conducted on rats and mice. All of us, human and animal alike need to keep good digestive health. We have many microorganisms in our intestines and unfortunately these days the normal flora can be disrupted in our guts. If you wish to try it on your dog – mix one sachet in her food twice per day. I have worked with people who give their dogs 7 drops of OxyLift in their water and it has been reported their dogs won't drink water without it.

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Personal Threelac FAQ's:

Will the Threelac work for me?
My main question is: Will the Threelac work for me. I have tried so many different products so I am wary to try more.

I completely understand your concerns; I have been in situations like that my self.  Let me reassure you as we don’t want you to be worried. If you are not happy with the Threelac there is a full, money-back guarantee. No questions asked. We’ve been in that alternative health business a long time and tested many products on ourselves. We know what it’s like when something is not for us.


Why take probiotics like those found in Threelac?

The human gastrointestinal tract harbors a complex microbial ecosystem containing a large number and variety of bacteria. The resident bacterial population in the human gastrointestinal tract has a major impact on gastrointestinal function, and thereby on human health and well being. Some of these bacteria are opportunistic or considered detrimental and may cause adverse conditions, such as diarrhea, concerns, gastroenteritis, and the like, and other bacteria are considered "probiotic" in that they help perform beneficial functions in the human body. It is believed that the probiotic bacteria may exert their effects in a synergistic manner to help curtail and retard the growth of pathogenic and detrimental bacteria of the gut. They may help stimulate the immune system and keep down levels of pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria, reduce the amounts of ammonia and cholesterol in the blood, and may help promote absorption of minerals. They may also improve lactose digestion, may help breakdown fats, protect the intestinal mucosa, thereby helping assure the effective assimilation of the nutritive substances, and the like.

The three organisms in ThreeLac are considered probiotic. They are there because they may be more assertive toward certain strains of fungi and yeast than the many other friendly flora. Bacillus subtilus is a soil-based organism which works well with the others to reduce pathogenic overgrowths of yeast. Bacillus Coagulans and Enterococcus Faecalis are organisms that exist naturally in the human intestinal tract and also work to possibly help keep yeast and fungi at reasonable levels.

People who are generally in good health tolerate these three bacteria well. ThreeLac is not a comprehensive probiotic but works well along with acidophilus, bifidus, and other friendly flora, which are also possibly needed for a healthy intestinal tract.

The first 60-day money back or exchange period is plenty of time in which to notice any sensitivity or allergy to an ingredient, as may happen with any product, and also notice whether or not one is happy with Threelac.


Will Threelac make me constipated?

I get badly constipated and I don’t want to make the situation worse. Will Threelac make me constipated?

In order for you to make an informed decision, you need to understand some of the functions of the colon. Our internal organs including the stomach, small and large intestines operate in a moist condition. Food enters the stomach and the acids get to work breaking it down and processing it. It then begins its long journey through the intestines. Part of that process involves a great deal of squeezing action, to extract the nutrients and then discarding the residue. A normal bowel movement is moist and very easy to pass. We are taught that constipation is due to a lack of fiber. This is certainly true. Constipation may also occur when there are insufficient liquids in the form of good clean water to help pass out waste matter.

When taking Threelac it’s recommended that you keep your water intake to a sensible level.


How do I know that Threelac is suited to me?

I would like to try threelac as I have heard so much about it. My friend said it helped her, but how do I know if the Threelac is right for me? I am in my mid thirties. I just feel so awful these days. My energy has gone out of the window. I get depressed easily and my skin and digestion is a mess. My husband isn’t exactly helpful either.

There isn’t one product on the face of the earth that suits every single person. With an average of 5 million plus cans being sold each year to regularly people like you and I, there is a good reason why so many people repeat buy. You can be confident that it we are here to help you. And we have a 100% money back guarantee.


Is Threelac safe to use in pregnancy?

I have heard a lot about probiotics. I think I may have gotten something nasty as I feel outta of sorts these days and I don’t think it is just the pregnancy. This is my third so I am a dab hand at it and know what to expect. The bottom line is Threelac safe to use? I don’t want to take chances.

Check with your OB first and discuss. Take the list of ingredients with you.


How can I find out if I have a yeast concern?

I have looked up the symptoms and think I have a yeast concern but I am still not sure. I’m 18. I’m always tired and feel cranky and find it hard to concentrate on my studies. I also have a vaginal discharge which I feel too embarrassed about it to tell my Mom. How can I find out for sure?

Okay, you have choices here. You may want to do the spit test. (Go to the page on the spit test.) But with a vaginal concern you need to determine which type you have. The main problem as I see it is helping you overcome your fear of going to the doctor. This is something that you cannot neglect. You need professional help. There are different types of vaginal yeast concerns and you need to know what type you have so you can get adequate treatment and put the discomfort behind you.


Give me a straight answer that I can understand. What is a yeast concern?

I hate all this talk about yeast concerns. It seems to be the modern trend to yak it up all the time. I don’t want talk especially a load of medical stuff that I can’t pronounce. What is it? What can anyone do about it?

It sounds are though you are frustrated and confused. You may have symptoms similar to a yeast concern but not sure what you have. I have always felt that simplicity is the best teacher, so let’s break the problem down.

By the time a person takes an interest in a yeast concern they usually have some health issues. They may have been on a merry-go-round for a long time trying to find out what is wrong with them. Many people never seem to discover what they have and it gets really frustrating and expensive. To needlessly pay for products that don’t do their job or address a particular health concern heightens that frustration.

I agree there’s a lot of trendy talk about yeast concerns. We’ve got the orthodox point of view, the alternative point of view, and then we have yeast, forums, products and clubs and plenty of opinions. Some of it is definitely overboard but the talk is for a good reason. There is a huge problem out there and people are suffering due to a variety of unpleasant symptoms.

Did you know we have yeasts in our bodies for a good reason? But when it gets to having a yeast concern, an overgrowth of the naturally occurring yeast in the body has taken place. Let’s not worry ourselves as to why for the moment.

Your gastrointestinal tract is a fascinating organ. Even while you are sleeping a great deal of action is taking place. Thousands of yeast cells are busy going about their work. They mind their own business and they leave you alone. They can be present in an individual, mostly in the gastrointestinal tract, without any ill effects. But when something triggers the small amount of bad yeasts as it were, the balance is lost.

The concern is caused by a group of microscopic fungi or yeast.


What causes yeasts to get out of control in our bodies in the first place?

I eat well and drink a lot of liquids. I take vitamin C and a good all round nutritional supplement but I ended up with a yeast concern. I was horrified. I am a very clean person and take good care of my hygiene. I shower all the time. But I do drink coffee now and again. I eat some organic foods when I can afford them. Where have I gone wrong, I feel really depressed about it?

Refer to the question: “Give me a straight answer that I can understand.” You know there are many theories. It can be one of more triggers that set it off. It can be a prolonged use of antibiotics, severe stress, and the use of oral contraception on a regular basis. The taking of steroids, or a high sugar diet, are some of the factors that trigger the yeast to act erratically and grow out of control.


What are the symptoms of a yeast concern?

I can’t decide if I have a yeast concern or not. I got this nasty rash which I would not wish on my worst enemy (OK, maybe one of them) I get a lot of bloating and gas. But I tend to bolt my food down so I am not sure if that is the reason. Someone told me it’s because I gulp air in when you eat food in a hurry, but that does not account for my premenstrual tension or the constant tiredness that I have. I can get full nights sleep and still feel really tired when I wake up if that makes sense. Just what are the symptoms of a yeast concern please?

You’re looking for one answer when there isn’t one sole reason. You have a number of symptoms and they could be the result of various actions.


Is Threelac superior to other probiotic preparations?

Can you help me understand if Threelac is better than any other probiotic preparation?

There are many preparations on the market and it is often a very confusing task deciding what to do, what to take, and none of us has and endless budget. I could tell you that Threelac is from personal experience and having tested so many probiotics out there. But as soon as I did that I would have a 100 letters saying they tried xyz and was great for them. One must individually decided and be an informed consumer. So let's consider what Threelac has to offer.

The secret behind Threelac's effectiveness is the micro-encapsulation process. The Japanese laboratory that invented it, formulated it in such a way so as to help Threelac get past the acidic environment in the stomach.

Our stomachs, especially when they are in good condition have a strong, organic, hydrochloric acid and a small amount of lactic acid. It's very antiseptic in its nature and is there to help get rid of germs as well as assist the long task of digestion. In order to get past that strong acid the Japanese company prepared the Threelac in such a way that the hydrochloric acid does not destroy it at the point of entry into the stomach.


I’ve read that about 80% of the population have a yeast concern? Is this true?

I was reading that there is an epidemic of yeast concerns. Scary story or what? Is this true?

I think it is wiser to look at facts because numbers can be distorted by whoever is trying to paint the picture. It is well recognized that yeast infections exist. I don’t know if there is a crisis and I would be pleased to see more data on this. The wiser course is to educate yourself about it.


What are the ingredients in Threelac?










How do I take the dosage?

My wife says I am the world’s worst baby when it comes to taking supplements. I have a kitchen full of them and don’t find it too comfortable knocking back handfuls of pills. I would like to try Threelac but how do I take it and what dosage?

Threelac is not a pill, it is not a "medicine". It is considered to be dietary supplement. It is comfortable take because it is a lemony tasting powder, a bit like sherbet in a way. The suggested use is 1 packet per day, immediately before you eat a meal. Let it dissolve in your mouth and immediately drink a 4-6 oz. glass of water. Then eat. Food acts as a buffer to assist the ThreeLac in reaching the small intestine.

Here's how many people start the program IF they want to get relief the fastest:

-For the first week they'll do 1 packet per day
-Then for weeks number two and three they'll do 2 packets per day; one in the AM and one in the PM
-Then for week four they'll do 3 packets per day; one with each meal

If you really want to speed up your progress we suggest getting Inulation also, which can be found on our order page.

Keep in mind the standard dosage is 1 packet per day, but up to 5 packets per day can be used temporarily for theraputic purposes.

Should I use a maintenance dose?

I like the Threelac a lot and have been on it for two months now. I want to take a maintenance dose. What do you suggest?

Everybody is unique. It depends on your constitution and frame. You can consider using one a day when you feel satisfied in your own mind.


Will I get problems when I take ThreeLac?

Got any advice on Threelac? Sometimes you hear horror stories when taking supplements and die-off and all sorts of creepy weird stuff. I have to work shifts so can’t afford to get problems but I feel I need something.

There is not one person on the face of this earth that has the constitution of a horse and can eat every single thing. In other words there is always going to be that unique, or very sensitive individual.


Will I need to change my diet?

I am a typical meat and two veg man. If I don’t get meat I don’t feel satisfied and I feel very irritable. Do I need to change my diet when I take Threelac?

There are no dietary restrictions. However, common sense would dictate that you avoid processed foods and candy. Eat good food choices but do not beat yourself up when you lapse. The body is pretty merciful when we treat it well again.


What does ThreeLac taste like?

Can you tell me what Threelac tastes like?

Users say it is a very pleasant taste. It has a slight, lemony taste.


How long will I need to take the Threelac?

Does a person need to take the Threelac for a specific time frame?

When you are satisfied with it you can either stop or continue with a maintenance dose. Many people report that they take a daily maintenance dose of 1 sachet per day.


Can children take Threelac?

Please seek the advice of a pediatrician or care giver before giving ThreeLac to children under two. Children over two years of age may take 1 packet for every 50 pounds of body weight. (There is approximately ¾ teaspoon of ThreeLac powder per packet.) A 100% money back guarantee is provided with return of any unused product within 60 days of receipt of first order. This should be plenty of time to see whether or not you are noticing improvement with ThreeLac and wish to continue.


Do you suggest taking any other dietary supplement along with the Threelac?

I would suggest OxyLift, a supplement that has proven to be very popular.


But it's like this... if you've got questions just call... OK? 716-373-0983. We're here to help or send us an email by clicking here. We're not some faceless company trying to "hawk" another product. We sincerely try to help people with their concerns.



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